National Appeal for the Church in Sri Lanka after the Easter Attacks

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ACN Australia has launched a National Appeal for the Church in Sri Lanka after the Easter Bombings. 

Now is the time for us to stand in solidarity with our suffering brothers and sisters. For too long the world has widely ignored the persecution of Christians, with much of the media playing ignorant to this global issue.

The horror of the suicide bomb attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter morning has ricocheted across the globe, this is the only positive to come from such tragedy - the world is now waking up to Christian persecution.

We cannot fall silent or turn to face the other way. We hope you will join us in standing in solidarity for all those suffering because of their faith.

For many years ACN has funded projects in Sri Lanka, supporting the building of churches, children's education the formation of seminarians, priests, religious sisters and more. As we continue our vital support in the country, we ask you to give what you can to help Christians in Sri Lanka. Aid to the Church in Need has pledged support for 5 new projects in Sri Lanka, worth approximately AUD $116,000. This is in addition to already existing pastoral programmes ACN had within the country. The newly pledged funding will enable people of all ages to access a counselling centre in Marawila, for at least the next two years, and be part of newly developed Diocesan activities across a number of Dioceses.

Bernard Toutounji, National Director of Aid to the Church in Need Australia said, “As we move from Easter Sunday into the Easter Season we want to continue to keep watch with the Sri Lankan people, which is one of the largest ethnic groups in Australia. Many us know personally the generosity and the strong faith of the Sri Lankans we see in our communities and in our churches. These are indeed not only neighbours or friends but through baptism these are our brothers and sisters in the faith.”

Please remember all those affected by these horrific acts in your prayers. We pray for all persecuted and oppressed Christians; wherever they may be, trusting in our Risen Lord. 

You can make a donation over the phone during business hours by calling: 1800 101 201 or donate online:

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