Serving the Church

"Aid to the Church in Need helps Christians that are persecuted by violence and oppressed by terrorism"

Johannes Freiherr Heereman von Zuydtwyck, Executive President

The Church has always looked after the poor and those in need. In addition to her pastoral mission she maintains social, pastoral and medical facilities worldwide and supports those suffering in regions of crisis.

But what many do not know, is that the Church herself often requires urgent help, especially in developing countries affected by violence, persecution and natural disasters. And the numbers speak for themselves: currently around 200 million people worldwide suffer because of their faith. In 81 countries the fundamental right of religious freedom is no longer guaranteed.

In more than 40 countries Christians are currently persecuted and oppressed - here the Church's infrastructure and a dignified existence of the brothers and sisters is usually very difficult or impossible to maintain using their own resources. In many of these countries monetary donations are the only source of income for the church. Some of these donations are only connected with simple requests to pray for deceased relatives or for other day to day concerns.

Unlike traditional charities that focus only on answering the social needs of a civilian population, Aid to the Church in Need also understands the obligation to respond to the pastoral needs of the Church herself - to provide charity to those who serve the suffering population.

Founded in 1947 as a Christian welfare organisation for war refugees and recognised now as a Pontifical Foundation since 2011, Aid to the Church in Need represents and supports Christians around the world wherever they are persecuted or oppressed. And solely through private donations as the foundation receives no church monies nor corporate or government support.

Following our motto "Pray, Inform and Help" we, along with hundreds of thousands of benefactors and project partners, support religious hierachy and communities working towards freedom, tolerance and reconciliation across all denominations. Our belief in the power of charity and our decades of success has inspired donors from our around the work to assist our work.

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