In this video ACN Australia's National Director, Mr Bernard Toutounji, shares a reflection on the unique mission of the Pontifical Catholic Charity, Aid to the Church in Need, and appeals for people to come forward in support of the more than 200 million Christians who suffer for their faith in Jesus Christ.


There are many ways you can support the mission of Aid to the Church in Need.

Become a Benefactor:

You can become a monthly benefactor. Even as little as $5 a week helps us to support persecuted Christians all over the world.

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Offer a Mass for a Special Intention:

Mass stipends given through Aid to the Church in Need help poor priests in need around the world with basic subsistence, including housing, food, clothing, heating, medication, hygiene, and transportation. In some dioceses, priests use Mass offerings to pay their health insurance. Very often, priests use their Mass stipends for poor and needy people in their parishes and to finance their pastoral activities. Mass offerings are also used to support the formation in Congregations and diocesan seminaries, or for further studies of the priest, particularly for their books. Mass offerings can help priests, too, with spiritual retreats and pilgrimages. For countless priests around the world, Mass Offerings are the only source of income they have.

Aid to the Church in Need forwards Mass Offerings from our donors to bishops and religious superiors in the countries we serve. These offerings are then distributed to local priests according to need and availability.

Our priests, many of whose lives are in danger each day just by living the faith, deeply appreciate the generosity of donors and consider it a profound honor to be celebrating Masses for their intentions. Along with those for healing, for the deceased and for special intentions, the priests we support celebrate Triduum, Novena and Gregorian Masses.

Triduum Masses are three Masses celebrated on three consecutive days; Novenas are nine Masses said on nine consecutive days; and Gregorian Masses are celebrated on 30 consecutive days for your intention. 

An Individual Mass.
A Triduum of 3 Consecutive Masses.
A Novena of 9 Masses will be arranged for your intentions.
A Gregorian series of 30 consecutive Masses will be arranged for your intentions.

The Mass Offering that ACN receives from you is sent to a poor priest overseas.
In 2017 our benefactors helped 1 in every 10 priests with their offerings (40,383 priests in total) especially in Africa (15,440) and Asia (10,748).
In many cases it is the money from these Mass Offerings that entirely supports the living expenses of the priest who are the poor serving the poor.
Every 21 seconds Mass was celebrated somewhere in the world for the intentions of our benefactors. 

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We sell Childrens Bibles, Religious Books, Rosary Beads, Nativity Sets and more. All the money raised goes to support our projects around the world that support our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.
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Hold a Fundraiser:

Gather your friends, family or community together to hold a fundraiser.
Call us to get some ideas on how other benefactors have raised funds for ACN Australia.
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