After Cyclone IDAI - Letter from Mons. Claudio Dalla Zuanna, Archbishop of Beira: "God will make us triumph"

Between March 14 and 15 of 2019, the inhabitants of the city of Beira, Dondo and the “Beira corridor”, where about one million people live, watched desperately and were helpless to the devastation of cyclone IDAI, accompanied by intense rainfall; it was a phenomenon described by many as something "never" seen in the annals of this province of Central Mozambique.


In its passage through the lands of the Chiveve, cyclone IDAI killed hundreds of people during the night and left many injured. Houses, schools, hospitals and churches were left without a roof and in some cases, the walls collapsed. Countless trees tumbled over buildings, roads and vehicles, hampering the traffic; the power and telephone lines were damaged and have not been restored so far; there is also no drinking water supply, and a lack of food, as food is spoiled by falling rainfall or lack of energy for conservation. We have information that some rivers are overflowing, as is the case of the Búzi and Púngué rivers, at this moment the Village of Búzi is submerged.

Also, the city of Beira is isolated, since the only way of access was interrupted by the fall of a bridge.

As a diocese church, through parishes and Caritas, we are making an emergency plan to meet the most urgent needs.

Beira and Episcopal Palace, March 18, 2019

Situation table

The cyclone occurred along the “Beira corridor”, which covers about 130 km, one million inhabitants live in this area and there are 25 parishes in this location.

1. The damage is estimated to be around 140 million euros, of which 10-20% of people have lost everything.
2. Parish Churches and Communities: 22 Parish churches were damaged, of which 3 were totally destroyed; 60 small chapels were also damaged.
3. Parish Residences: 9 were damaged, some seriously.
4. Residences of Religious: 20 were damaged.
5. Catholic schools: 7 schools serving about 9,500 students are damaged;
6. Diocesan structures: Episcopal residence and Curia, Secretariat of the Pastoral Coordination, Seminary Bom Pastor, Caritas Diocesana, Pastoral Training Center of Nazaré, Diocesan radio, Diocesan typography, Diocesan structure of storage, Diocesan Homes and Orphanages (which shelter about 150 children: have damaged roofs and other internal damage).





1. Creation of the Cyclonic Emergency Committee
In order to help with the situation being experienced by the people of Sofala, the Archdiocese of Beira has decided to create an ad hoc commission known as the "Cyclonic Emergency Commission".

2. General information
It has rained since last night and throughout the morning of today.

This morning the Council of Ministers met in the city of Beira.

The Beira Autonomous Council, with assistance from partners, redoubled efforts to clean the city.

We still do not have electricity, but Beira Airport opened and gave people the chance to charge their mobile phones.

Only the Movitel network, and only along the airport area and the surrounding area is working, so communication is still difficult.

Traffic on national road 6 is still interrupted.

3. Information from Caritas Diocesana
Caritas diocesana is in contact with Caritas Nacional who has already triggered calls for help.

Machanga: The village has not suffered considerable damage, but there are reports of 200 families displaced throughout the district.

Marromeu: The village has not suffered any serious damage, but there are floods in the areas of Ma- lingapasse, Keneth Kaunda and Pambane.

Caia: Traffic interrupted between Caia - Sena, in the region of Tchecha.

Búzi: Remains submerged and isolated, due to the inability.

Aid to the Church in Need will be working with the local dioceses and Bishops to provide emergency humanatarian assistance and in the future to assist in rebuilding the damaged churches and chapels after the waters have subsided .

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