Stand together for Religious Freedom: Symposium in Rome

On Wednesday (April 3) a symposium took place in Rome hosted by the Ambassador of the USA to the Holy See: It was titled: “Stand together to defend international religious freedom”.

The event was organized by the “Standtogether Project”. Speakers included: Pietro Cardinal Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State and the USA Ambassador Gingrich.

ACN had been invited to be part of the symposium and was represented by Alessandro Monteduro, the National Director of the Italian office emphasized in his speech that “We cannot and don't want to be an accomplice of indifference toward persecuted Christians” Watch highlights of the symposium below:

Alessandro Monteduro



Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin spoke at the symposium in Rome and stated in his speech that
 "a brief consideration of the numerous violations of religious liberty on the global stage and the appalling number of innocent persons that suffer persecution because of their beliefs, (including many Christians) should leave no doubts in our minds that we are dealing with an aggressive attack that strikes at the very core of the enjoyment of fundamental human rights."  

Part of ACN's work is to ensure that the world is aware of the numerous violations against religious liberty occurring on the global stage. ACN achieves this through the biannual religious freedom report which can be read here:

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