Burkina Faso - Armed Group Massacre 24 People including Catholic catechist

This is a brief news update with information that we have received from our local partners regarding the attack in Pansi in Yagha province (Burkina Faso). The news reports have been quite confusing with some incorrect information being published however, we can confirm the following:

On Sunday, February 16th, around 6 am, a big number of armed individuals (around 30 people) burst into Pansi, surrounded the village and began to search house after house, taking money and clothes.

After that, they grouped the men in lots of 10 and made them lie down on the floor. In an attempt to survive, some of them began to run. This limited the number of those killed to 24, including one Catholic catechist.

No protestant or Catholic church was attacked (as has been reported) but Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and those of the traditional religion are among the dead.

Since yesterday, catechists in the area have been on the run with their families to reach Dori. At least 10 catechists were looking for shelter, coming from different places in the region. The catechists affected are from the ethnic group Gurmantchés, this is also a difficulty for the local Church to help because there are not many villages of the same ethnic group where they could go. In the “Mossi” villages people speaks Moore not Gurmantchéma.

Attached is the official statement from the government.

With the news of this massacre, we ask you to please pray for peace in Burkina Faso.

Below is the official statement from the government.

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