by Marta Petrosillo.

“There is an ongoing persecution of Christians. For months we bishops have been denouncing what is happening in Burkina Faso, but nobody is listening to us. Evidently they are more concerned with protecting their own interests.” This was the reaction of Bishop Justin Kientega of Ouahigouya, in the northern central region of the country, following yet another attack deliberately targeting Christians in Burkina Faso, which took place on Sunday. Terrorists attacked a Protestant church in the governorate of Fada N’Gourma, close to the border with Niger, in the east of the country, killing 14 Christians.

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Ethiopia: "Sufi Islam is being replaced by fundamentalist militants"

Interview with Father Petros Berga - Ethiopia/Addis Abeba 26.11.2019
by Amélie de La Hougue.

Following the violent protests that rocked the country last month, killing 67 people, the pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need spoke about it with Father Petros Berga, project partner of ACN and priest of the Diocese of Addis Ababa.

How is the situation in Addis Ababa and in your country? Do demonstrations continue every day?

The socio-political condition of the country in general is a little bit volatile now. Of course there are some ethnic issues in certain areas. But the serious danger is a threat from the Middle East. A certain ethno-religious activist named Jawar Mohammed, with illicit finance from the Middle East, mostly from Egypt, has become a serious threat for Christians in Ethiopia. In several areas Churches, priests and Christians were attacked. He has a satellite TV and a social media network with a large number of followers. The activists use the Oromo youth as an instrument to cause conflict. The young people are provided with cell phones donated by the Gulf countries etc.

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Father Petros Berga from Ethiopia.

Cameroon: "Raise not your band against the Anointed of Yahweh”

Local bishop responds to repeated abductions attempts of priests in the centre of the Ejagham region, in the diocese of Mamfe.

In a pastoral letter addressed to his Catholic faithful, entitled: "Raise not your band against the Anointed of Yahweh”, Bishop Andrew Nkea condemns the abductions of priests in his diocese, describing them as an instrument of extortion employed by some of the members of the Ambazonia Restoration forces in retaliation for the participation by the bishop in the process of national dialogue for the re-establishment of peace in Cameroon.

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Bishop Andrew Nkea is travelling by boat for a pastoral visit to Kajifu.

A letter from Fr Martin Barta, to Fr Pedro Narbona related to the attacks to the churches in Chile.

Fr Martin Barta is the International Ecclesiastical Assistant of ACN and Fr Pedro Narbona, is the Ecclesiastical Assistant of ACN Chile.

Dear Father Pedro,

One of the priorities of ACN is helping the suffering and persecuted Church. We aim to inform the world and our benefactors in particular about the situation of Christians who suffer in so many countries where persecution, discrimination and the destruction of the Church are a daily reality. In the past these countries were far away, in regions dominated by Islam or by dictatorships hostile towards the Church. But now, six churches in Chile have been profaned and daubed with blasphemous graffiti, the crucifixes and statues of the Virgin Mary have been dragged out into the streets and destroyed and two churches have been burnt to ashes. News of these events, which have reminded us of images of the terror of ISIS in the Near East, and which are all the more horrifying for our Foundation in light of the fact that two of the churches that were vandalised and burned in Santiago de Chile are under your own personal care, you who are at the same time the Spiritual Assistant to our Chilean national office. Please be assured, dear Father Pedro, in this situation that was once unimaginable in a Christian country such as Chile, that you and your parish communities are close to us and that we stand by your side.

Australian Cathedrals were first around the World to light up for #RedWednesday

Yesterday evening (Wednesday 20 November) several Australian Cathedrals were the first in the world (thanks to Australia’s time zone difference) to launch Red Wednesday 2019, by lighting up their facades in red light. They will be joined throughout the week by thousands of other Cathedrals, Church buildings and monuments around the world (in London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Prague and Washington D.C. to name just a few) who will also participate in the Aid to the Church in Need initiative.

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Red Wednesday at St Mary's Cathedral 2019. Photograph by Patrick J Lee. Copyright: The Catholic Weekly.

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