Morocco: Find out first-hand information about the country Pope Francis will visit at the end of March

The universality of the Catholic Church becomes palpable in many places where Christianity is in the minority, including Morocco, a country with 37 million inhabitants, 99.9% of whom are Muslim and only 0.08% are Catholics. A small, but great Church carries out its pastoral work among the Catholic faithful of the country. Primarily, however, the Church supports the most disadvantaged among the Moroccan population and the thousands of young people who cross the desert from sub-Saharan Africa looking for a future in the idealised Europe. Pope Francis is planning to travel to the region situated at the border between Africa and Europe on 30 and 31 March and, in response to an invitation issued by King Mohammed VI and the bishops in the country, visit the cities of Rabat and Casablanca.

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       Image: Logo for the Apostolic Journey of Pope Francis to Morocco March 30-31 2019.

Missing Priest: Father Joël Yougbare may be the Victim of Kidnapping 

A priest has disappeared after Sunday mass celebration in north Burkina Faso. He is the parish priest of Djibo and fidei donum from the diocese of Fada N'Gourma. Rumors are circulating that the kidnapping of the priest is an act of a jjihadist group looking for money.

Please find below the appeal for prayers sent to Aid to the Church in Need by the bishop of the area.


Image: Father Joël Yougbare went missing after Sunday Mass and rumours are that he has been kidnapped. Copyright Aid to the Church in Need.

After Cyclone IDAI - Letter from Mons. Claudio Dalla Zuanna, Archbishop of Beira: "God will make us triumph"

Between March 14 and 15 of 2019, the inhabitants of the city of Beira, Dondo and the “Beira corridor”, where about one million people live, watched desperately and were helpless to the devastation of cyclone IDAI, accompanied by intense rainfall; it was a phenomenon described by many as something "never" seen in the annals of this province of Central Mozambique.


Mozambique: ‘No one heard victims crying for help as they were carried away by floods’ says priest

A priest in Mozambique has given a graphic account of the devastating impact of the cyclone amid reports that up to 1,000 people have been killed.

Speaking in an interview with Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, Father Sandro Faedi, apostolic administrator of Tete, described how people cried for help as the flood waters came towards them. The priest’s personal testimony comes as ACN revealed that it is working with the local Church in the port city of Beira to provide essential aid.

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Image: Mozambique - A girl carrying a smaller child in a cloth on her back. Copyright: Aid to the Church in Need.

Speech by The Coordinator Of Coalition Against Kajuru Killings, Rev Fr Williams Kaura Abba, On The Occasion Of A Peaceful Procession, On Tuesday March 19, 2019 At The Unity Fountain, Abuja


We are a group of men and women, united by our common humanity, from different creeds, tribes and tongues. Saddened by events in our dear state, Kaduna, we have gathered here in Abuja, our nation’s capital, to bring to the attention of fellow citizens and the international community the horrendous attacks on many Adara communities living in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State by herdsmen militia. The latest death toll of this mindless carnage has already surpassed 130, with several communities reduced to rubbles, and setting the stage for a major humanitarian crisis that has so far displaced no fewer than 10,000 persons now living in four camps.

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