National Appeal for the Church in Sri Lanka after the Easter Attacks

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ACN Australia has launched a National Appeal for the Church in Sri Lanka after the Easter Bombings. 

Now is the time for us to stand in solidarity with our suffering brothers and sisters. For too long the world has widely ignored the persecution of Christians, with much of the media playing ignorant to this global issue.

The horror of the suicide bomb attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter morning has ricocheted across the globe, this is the only positive to come from such tragedy - the world is now waking up to Christian persecution.


Christians in Lahore – who fled persecution and set up home in a different part of the city – need your help after they quickly discovered their new church was not big enough.

ACN 20190115 82388 Easy ResizeSr. Klara Sviderska - Congregation of St Benedict in Zytomierz - Ukraine 


We are sisters from the Congregation of St Benedict in Ukraine in Zytomierz, it’s a Vilnius Foundation founded in 1988. This is the only house of the congregation in Ukraine. In 2014 we became an Abbey.
There are 18 sisters here at the moment. The average age is 39. The oldest sister is 68 and the youngest 24. The names of our sisters are: S. Benedicta, Bernadetta, Jadwiga, Agnieszka, Scholastyka, Augustyna, Immaculata, Agata, Łucja, Maria, Estera, Ernesta, Brigid, Katarzyna, Franciszka, Rita, and me (S. Klara). Almost everyone is Ukrainian; two sisters are from Belarus and one sister is from Russia.

ACN 20160928 46573 Easy ResizeMeet Sister Samia - Saint Coeur Sisters in Syria

My name is Sr. Samia Jreij – I was born in Ozeir, Syria on the 17th of January, 1980

My decision to become a sister was made in my childhood, I’ve grown up within a Christian family committed in the Church who taught me how to pray and how to love Jesus. Our house is close to the church, thus, I spent most of my time in it. I entered into the congregation on the 1st of November 2000. My family respected and understood my decision. They encouraged me and prayed for me with inner deep joy. I still remember their words full of faith. My father said: “this vocation is from God, how we can stand against it. It is a blessing when I present one of my own flesh and blood to God”. My friends and relatives had various opinions towards my decision. Some accepted joyfully and some thought that it was a kind of madness and wasting chances of life. Our congregation serves all denominations, it works for humanity and serves according to Ignatius' spirituality these things drew me to join.

Meet the Pallottine Sisters, Kigali, Rwanda

ACN 20190205 83332 Easy ResizeVocation: “I am Sister Cécire, 49 years from Masaka, I have three sisters and one brother.

“Not all the members of my family were so happy with my decision to become a sister – especially because I had a job that I had to leave…  But I see these difficulties as a way to make my vocation stronger. I decided to join the Pallottine Sisters because I could witness the commitment of the missionary sisters, and their compassion for the poor and ordinary people. Also the life of Saint Vicent Pallotti is also impressive for me, he didn't put limits on the help he gave to the people. This is what I liked. It is the way to thank God, to offer my life for others.
I like to find time for prayer, and also I am very glad in the moments that I can help people, especially when they can change their life (material or spiritual), for the better, I am very happy about these moments. I could have given my life in different ways, I could have had my own family and children, but it makes me happy to have no limits in my love to everybody, I feel free to help and love all people, my family is the whole community.

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