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by Maria Lozano

Sister Rita Kurochkina CSIC was born in Kazakhstan into a family that was not practising the faith. At the age of seven, she first began to go to church, but at some point stopped. At the age of 14, she found her way back to the church, and, together with her brother, took the initiative to prepare for baptism. “From that day on, I went to Holy Mass every single day,” she says.

When she decided to enter the convent, her mother did not approve and refused to give her consent for an entire year. Sister Rita, however, did not want to enter the order without her mother’s permission. She spent a year far away from home, working and taking care of her aunt. “It was like spending a year in exile,” she recalls.

Meet Sister Mari Graciana  from Peru, Congregation Verbo Y Victima


“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,”

 “My name is Mari Graciana, I am 28 years old and I come from Piura. There are five children in my family and I am the third. Piura is on the north coast of Peru in an area that is fairly hot. The people are very joyful, spontaneous, open and very affectionate and welcoming as well.

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I went to school together with my sister in a school run by nuns. My family taught us Christian values, so that whatever we did, we did it in a spirit of gratitude, to God first of all, and also to our parents.

On different occasions Pope Francis expressed the wish that young people should pray for peace in the world. In order to respond to this request, ACN has offered to send rosaries as a gift to the young people gathering at the World Youth Day in Panama in January 2019.

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Responsibility for supplying these rosaries has been entrusted to Caritas Jerusalem. In this way this charity has been able to provide work to many needy families, young unemployed, prisoners and refugees over many months in Bethlehem and its surrounding area. The rosaries, which can also be worn as an armband, have been produced at a cost of one US dollar per rosary.

Image: Olive Wood Rosary beads with a photo of Pope Francis. He will distribute to the pilgrims during World Youth Day in Panama 2019.

World Youth Day in Panama will be the launch-pad for a unique educational grassroots initiative that will gradually spread to all of Central America. The DOCAT is the catholic social teaching of the Catholic Church and the important document contains a foreword from Pope Francis and will be distributed during World Youth Day in huge numbers. A multitude of study groups will be formed in local parishes to study the DOCAT. Archbishop Ulloa Mendieta of Panama says, “Nothing helps our youth more than education. Once they know the Christian social doctrine, they will also know how to fight corruption, end violence, establish democracy, make freedom happen and create wealth with the power of the Gospel”. Together with Pope Francis, he dreams of a revolution of love and justice that will affect all the countries of the region – from Mexico to Panama!


Guamà is a municipality in the southern Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba, and Guamà II is a suburb within the municipality. For some 18 years now a team of lay missionaries have been travelling, Sunday after Sunday, into the remote villages of this Guamà II pastoral district to bring the Gospel message of Christ to the people. Sitting in the back of a borrowed truck, they travel for hours on end in all weathers, sometimes up to 150 km (95 miles) on bumpy and dangerous coastal roads, overhung by rocky outcrops. There is no question of comfort, and they even bring their own food and bedding, since the people they are visiting are extremely poor.

Success Story: help for a popular mission in Guamà II, in southern Cuba

Success Story: help for a popular mission in Guamà II, in southern Cuba

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