Mirror 4 / 2020 - Transport / Evangelisation / Coronavirus

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This edition of the Mirror newsletter is focussed on transport and evangelisation. In the past, ACN shipped cars, motorbikes and trucks to far-flung parts of the world. Today we continue to fund cars, bicycles, motorbikes, buses and boats but they are bought locally and given to the local Church in need. Over the decades the goal has always been the same - to bring the Gospel to all people.

Image: Transport is such a vital part to be able to share the Gospel we don't want our priests and religious sisters to be hiking for days to reach the people. We want to give them the ability to reach "the ends of the earth" with the love of Christ. For more transport projects read Mirror 4.
Accompanying this Mirror newsletter was a special message from National Director Mr Bernard Toutounji which can be read here.

Also accompanying this Mirror newsletter was an insert about the Coronavirus and its impact on the suffering Church. 
Read the insert here.




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