Mirror 3 / 2020 - Martyrdom

The theme of the third Mirror newsletter for 2020 is focussed on that life-ending, but in a mystical way, life-giving reality that is Christian martyrdom. Each year thousands of Christians lose their life. These are not Christians who die due to disease or hunger or accident; these are Christians who are killed precisely because they are Christian. Our ACN projects support Christians that are living in countries where it is dangerous to be a Christian and where the flame of faith is at risk of being extinguished due to persecution or poverty. 

Accompanying this Mirror newsletter was a special message from National Director Mr Bernard Toutounji which can be read here.




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Receive 3 complimentary Mass cards with any donation 

With any donation, you can opt-in to receive three complimentary Mass cards. You can gift a Mass and one of these cards on any occasion, a wedding, condolence, anniversary, birthday, or just when someone needs prayers. You might choose to have the Masses arranged now and then use the cards immediately - or as many others do - keep a supply of cards at home, and when you need a Mass offered, contact ACN on 1800 101 201 to have the Masses arranged. Then complete and distribute the cards to those for whom the Masses are being offered.


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