Mirror 5 of 2020 - Supporting our religious

This edition of the Mirror newsletter is focused on support for our religious communities. The virus and its consequences have turned the already difficult situation of many priests and religious sisters into one of dire poverty. Before the virus, they supported people, with counsel, medicines and food; now they often don't know where their next meal is coming from.
Receive a copy of Fr Werenfried's book "They call me the Bacon Priest."
Priest saying Mass
Neonatal Clinic

This is the inspiring story of how a young priest left the silence of his Abbey to bring hope to oppressed Christians around the world. From chapel-trucks in Germany to churches in the Soviet Union, Fr Werenfried Van Staaten dedicated his life to the service of the suffering Church.

With any donation over $40 you can opt-in to receive a copy of the new 5th edition of the origin story of how the charity - Aid to the Church in Need began. Remember if you are an Apostle of the Suffering Church (i.e. a benefactor who gives a recurring monthly donation please call 1800 101 201 to request your free gift or email the ACN office at: info@aidtochurch.org)
 Bacon Priest Book

 Please Note:

*Offerings made to Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) are not tax-deductible.
*If funds raised for a particular project exceed those needed, the surplus funds will be reallocated to a similar project.