News 16 Oct 2020

Fundraising for Lebanon blast victims

Two brave children, Trey and Erin, ages 13 and 11, and their parents recently organised a fundraiser for the victims in Beruit and donated the money to Aid to the Church in Need's National Emergency Appeal for Lebanon.

ACN Australia was very touched by the effort and enthusiasm of these children. During an interview, Trey and Erin explained that they had heard about the explosion in Beruit when they were driving in the car. The blast occurred near one of their birthdays so in return they thought they could organise a fundraiser for these people who had lost so much.

Image of Trey and Erin, organisers of the fundraiser. 

They choose to donate the money to Lebanon as they wanted to help others and these people were greatly in need. During Mass one day their parish priest spoke about acting as well as praying. In their parish they then found a flyer to donate to Aid to the Church in Need's Emergency appeal for Lebanon.

They set out to organise a movie fundraiser which everyone was excited and happy to help. Sponsors came and helped and they put notices in their newsletters and assemblies at their schools. In the end, three separate schools partook, as well as their parish.

Trey and Erin were very joyful for all that they had accomplished through the fundraiser and all the people who had donated and helped also felt good because they were helping others, especially people who were more in need than themselves. These people had seen videos of people in Lebanon losing loved ones and all of their possessions and they wanted to help them.

In a recent news article, Sister Marie Justine el Osta, from the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family in Lebanon stated that 'In this country, we live day by day. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Thank God, He sends us helpers.”

Erin and Trey and all the people who have donated to help the people in Lebanon are these 'helpers' that Sister Marie Justine is speaking of. Through their generous hearts, the Lord has been able to help our brothers and sisters in Lebanon who are 'asking for the least of their rights – asking for food.'

Aid to the Church in Need has funded a program to distribute food parcels to more than 5,800 needy families affected by the Aug. 4 explosion and are now preparing an aid package of 6 million EUR (8.2 AUD) to rebuild churches and church buildings in Beruit. The aim is first to help repair those buildings that need to be protected before winter sets in.

The money raised by the children will aid people in Lebanon through food parcels and the rebuilding of churches, like the church in the image. 

If you have been inspired by the enthusiasm and generosity of these children and would also like to donate to Aid to the Church in Need's National emergency appeal for Lebanon go here.

Featured Image: Photographer: Maria Lozano. Copyright: Aid to the Church in Need.

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