News 21 Feb 2023

Lebanon: Demonstrators set fire to banks Church also affected by currency collapse

Protestors firebombed several banks in the Christian quarter of Badaro, a suburb of Beirut, on Thursday 16 February. The unrest occurred after 10 days of strike during which the banks refused to open their doors.

Since 2019 these same banks have refused to give depositors the full value of their savings.

In other parts of Beirut protestors are blocking roads, and in Southern Lebanon the army has been deployed as a preventative measure. 

The Church has also been badly affected by this crisis: for example, the Franciscan Sisters of the Cross, ACN project partners, lost their savings intended for a new kitchen for their hospital, which serves the poor. Local families have also been severely hit, and ACN is trying to support Catholic welfare initiatives to help them survive in these difficult times.

Although the central bank moved the official exchange rate from 1,500 to 15,000 pounds per dollar, the current black market value has reached 79,500 to the dollar, while a month ago it was only 50,000. With no solution to the economic crisis in sight, ACN is calling on all its friends and benefactors to pray for Lebanon.


We ask all our benefactors to pray for  Lebanon.

To support Christians in Lebanon, please go here

Featured Images: Lebanese protestors firebombed several banks in the Christian quarter of Badaro. Credit:  Aid to the Church in Need

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