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Need, love and thanks - Your Letters

Messages from our Benefactors around the world

My mission is prayer and love

My heart goes out to people in need, people who are persecuted for the Catholic Faith. My mission at 91 is praying for and loving my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am enclosing a cheque now, and from time to time, if my memory is still on track, will do the same.

A religious sister in Australia

Wonderfully well adapted for children

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to you for the work you are doing, for your wonderful projects and above all your written articles. We especially love to use the Child’s Bible materials and give them as gifts, for example for children’s birthdays. It’s such a wonderfully well adapted form of teaching for children. It touches their hearts and really brings them closer to the Lord. Many thanks.

A family in Germany

He found a copy of the Mirror in church

When we first encountered one of your appeals for helps, we weren’t initially persuaded to give you a donation. First of all, I wanted to check out the information you gave, from other sources. But then, just a few weeks later, I came across a copy of the Mirror on a table in our church. I sensed at once that this was no mere coincidence but had a deeper meaning. May God bless you all and your work!

A family in Slovakia 

A joint Muslim and Christian donation

I recently sent you a small donation online for refugees in Syria. I also want to tell you about my friendship with a Muslim family. They are facing a difficult life themselves, with very little income and two mentally handicapped children. At the end of Ramadan they gave me a small sum of money for your charity. I was so delighted that I decided to double the amount before passing it on to you.

A benefactor in the Netherlands

The Mass is the most effective prayer that could be said on behalf of those who have died. ACN can arrange recurring annual Masses for your dearly departed loved ones.
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Need, love and thanks − your letters

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