Mirror 8 of 2020 13 Nov 2020

Need, love and thanks − your letters

Messages from our Benefactors around the world

An unmistakable work of charity

Warmest thanks for sending me your Annual Report for 2019. I am amazed at the great devotion with which Aid to the Church in Need is helping people, and I admire the great work of charity, and the social and missionary commitment carried out by Aid to the Church in Need. I assure you of my support on your journey, and of my prayers for your work.

A bishop in Austria

Accident free

After years of driving without an accident, I want to make a donation in thanksgiving, and on behalf of Christians in need.

A friend and benefactress in Germany

A “birthday of solidarity”

Thank you for all your prayers for my family and myself. I am grateful for every letter and every copy of the Mirror I receive – and grateful too for every contribution I’m able to make for this work, which gives strength and hope to those who need support, food, help and other goods. I also want to tell you that this year I celebrated my birthday as a “solidarity birthday” asking for donations for ACN instead of presents. I am enclosing the money I received. May God bless your work!

A friend and benefactor in Brazil

God’s presence in the pandemic

Thank you for the latest issue of the Mirror. It is always good spiritual reading and this time with the emphasis on the coronavirus it was particularly thought-provoking. This is a turbulent storm and a reminder to all of us that God is in control and we need God’s constant love, presence and guidance. May our God of mercy be with us all through this time of social distancing and isolation, and perhaps it can be a time of reflection and of re-evaluating our values and priorities.

A religious Sister in Australia

The Mass is the most effective prayer that could be said on behalf of those who have died. ACN can arrange recurring annual Masses for your dearly departed loved ones.

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